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How We Help You Escape Your Timeshare Contract

While not a guarantee, the below are some situations that allow us greater leverage when fighting to have your contract voided.

  • When multiple clients have a similar case
  • No Cooling Off Statement given at time signing
  • Unsolicited contact at a meeting or via phone
  • Free gift or incentive without disclosing a sales presentation
  • Non-disclosure of Perpetual Clause that legally binds you forever
  • Aggressive sales tactics applied after multiple rejections

Our Straightforward Exit Process


Free Personal Consultation

Every contract is different. One of our Customer Care Specialists will analyze if, & how we can help you.

Case Preperation

We’ll gather your documents, research the timeshare company, & then brief our legal team.

Timeshare Exit Process

Once we’ve built a strong case, we use our proven method to get your timeshare canceled forever.

Contract Cancelled

After 4-6 months, 90% of our clients have been released from their timeshare contract & can regain their financial & travel freedom.

Our Consumer Advocate Services

Timeshare Transfer

Sometimes the easiest way out- we’re great at offloading timeshares

Class Action

When numerous consumers get swindled by the same resort, we’re there

Timeshare Exit

Effective & efficient, timeshare cancellation is what we’re famous for

Credit Protection

Timeshares can wreak havoc on credit scores, we can help repair & maintain them

Want More Info? Inquire Here

Money Recovery

Wrongful timeshare charges & in rare cases reimbursement of legit fees

Free Guidance

If we can’t help your particular situation we will guide you in the right direction

Our Promise To You

We will get you out of your contract in 12 months or you'll get a 100% refund.

While our timeshare exit process averages 90 days to complete, some cases take longer due to the contract or client’s circumstances. Should it take more than 12 months, we’ll happily return 100% of the money you’ve spent with Square One.

No fine print, ‘non-refundable’ fees, or exceptions. It’s a 100% refund.

Gain freedom from your timeshare & get a $50 Visa  when enrolling!

Want Some Helpful Advice?

We offer  pointers, not points. Get tips, industry news, scam alerts & the best ways to exit.

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