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The nation’s most effective  timeshare exit strategists

Our track record & consumer-first culture is what’s driving our rapid growth and has made Square One the most feared name in the timeshare industry.

Your Timeshare Deserves A Permanent Vacation

Join thousands of Americans who have successfully exited their timeshare and give yourself the freedom to travel on your terms— with more money to enjoy it.


time share owners have attended and been provided helpful Information at one of our workshops - thru August 2020


clients have successfully been exited from their time share contracts - thru August 2020


average number of days to exit clients from their timeshare contract as of - August 2020

Time To Ditch Your Timeshare?

Often there as many, or more reasons to leave a timeshare as there were to enter it in the first place. Whether you need to exit, or simply don't get your money's worth— it should be easy to leave.

High Fees

Maintenance fees & additional costs increase every year, even after your timeshare is paid off

Rigid Schedule

There are always limitations or issues & when you want to get away, your timeshare is booked

Life Happens

A timeshare may no longer be a fit due to health, divorce, lifestyle change, or a loss

Sleazy Sales

Often you were sold a timeshare on promises no one fulfilled

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About the Timeshare Industry

The darkside of timeshare ownership & how we fight it

How To Exit with Zero Risk

Learn about our promise to successfully exit, or pay you back.

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You’ve shared enough of your time, let us continue the fight for you.

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We offer  pointers, not points. Get tips, industry news, scam alerts & the best ways to exit.

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