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A Consumer-First Company

Our Commitment


No hidden costs whatsoever & we'll keep in contact throughout the process.


Get a complete refund if we're unsuccessful for any reason. No questions asked.


We're paid the same no matter how long it takes to exit & realize your financial burden until that happens.


While our Customer Care is very friendly, the Exit Team is aggressive when standing up for your rights.

Years of Trusted Consumer Advocacy

Square One Holdings prides itself in honest, upfront, transparent customer service. Timeshare owners have been through the wringer already in attempting to deal with their resort, from the first high pressure sales presentation, to the last denied reservation. It is our mission to permanently alleviate owners of the legal and financial burden of their timeshare ownership.


time share owners have attended and been provided helpful Information at one of our workshops - thru August 2020


clients have successfully been exited from their time share contracts - thru August 2020


average number of days to exit clients from their timeshare contract as of - August 2020

Want Some Helpful Advice?

We offer  pointers, not points. Get tips, industry news, scam alerts & the best ways to exit.

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